Free Telephone Consultation

To get started, a free telephone consultation is offered. This entails a brief discussion about your needs and what you may be looking for in terms of treatment or assessment. This will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about me and the nature of services provided, so that you may have the necessary information required to make an informed decision about moving forward together.


In-Person Consultation

An in-person consultation is the initial session for clients seeking treatment. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know you and to determine your needs and personal goals for treatment. During the psychological consultation, you will be asked a number of questions about your presenting concerns, background history, and current situation. By the end of the session you will be provided with initial impressions and treatment recommendations. A treatment plan will be collaboratively developed, which will include discussion about what you want to work on, frequency of sessions, and type of treatment approach that will be used to address your concerns.

Prior to the consultation, you will be requested to arrive a few minutes early to complete some standard information forms and self-report questionnaires. This will help speed up the consultation process so that your needs are addressed as quickly as possible.

The in-person consultation also provides an opportunity to determine whether we are a good fit. In the event that your needs would be better met in a different treatment setting, appropriate referral options will be provided and discussed.

Psychological Treatment Sessions

Psychological treatment sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. The frequency of treatment is usually once a week to start and the duration of treatment will be determined according to your individual needs. Our time together will be focused on addressing your concerns and helping you develop a new way of understanding your problems. We will build upon your strengths and develop new ways of coping to improve your well-being. You will also be provided with the opportunity to practice the skills and strategies learned between sessions to increase your confidence and sense of self-mastery. We will also assess progress periodically and revisit and revise goals as necessary to ensure that your therapy is moving in the direction you desire.


Comprehensive Psychodiagnostic Assessments

A comprehensive psychodiagnostic assessment is a mental health evaluation that involves a clinical interview and the administration of scientific and evidence-based questionnaires to understand the nature of difficulties you may have. Typically, individuals seek psychodiagnostic assessments to clarify mental health diagnoses (e.g., depression, PTSD, anxiety disorder), to guide treatment planning, and to assist with accommodations in occupational or academic settings, as well as insurance settlements (e.g., motor vehicle accidents).

Testing time varies (three or more hours) depending on the nature of the referral question and will be conducted over one or two sessions. Once testing is complete, the results from the clinical interview and various test measures used will be integrated in the form of a report to clarify the nature of presenting concerns. A diagnosis will be provided, if appropriate, along with recommendations and treatment. You will be provided with feedback regarding the results of the assessment and provided with an opportunity for all of your questions about the results to be addressed.

Receiving a diagnosis, undergoing treatment, and obtaining needed accommodations is a time-sensitive matter. Assessment and treatment sessions will be scheduled as soon as possible and reports and feedback will be provided within one to two weeks of the assessment date.