First Responders

First responders have many vulnerabilities given the nature of their job. Their constant exposure to human suffering, death, and threat of violence, along with the cumulative impact of shift work, stress, and disruptions in their personal lives renders them at higher risk for PTSD, depression, anxiety, moral injuries, and compassion fatigue. Fortunately, there has been increasing recognition over the years of the cumulative impact of stress on first responders. However, the act of seeking help can be particularly challenging when the job as a first responder entails being the provider of help to others.  Given the unique challenges that first responders face, it is important that one works with a qualified clinician who has specific training and knowledge of the work culture and organizational stressors. We understand that the needs of first responders differ significantly from the civilian population and will not be shocked or distressed by stories or the description of horrific scenes.  At Town Psychological Services, we have experience working with first responder issues and uphold strict adherence to confidentiality. If you are a first responder and have been impacted by the occupational and operational stress injuries of your work, please don’t hesitate to reach out.